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APHIS Industrial Solutions Branch

What We Do

We bring together application, service and technology-driven products and services for our three business lines-Automotive, Railway, food& beverage, healthcare sectors. Partnering leading technology providers, we offer world-class and value-driven solutions out of our competence center in Singapore. Our product range includes systems and solutions for the automotive, railway, food&beverage, and healthcare industry and for purchasing solutions to  Microelectronics, our relationships with many of our partners carry a history of over 10 years. We cover the markets of ASEAN (Core in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) and the Greater China Area.


We are looking for bilateral-win with our clients and partners for long term relationships and partnerships. With our experienced team and our know-how, we will accompany our partners moving further.

We support Asia Pacific companies with

  • high-end products and services in top quality standards

  • excellent technical consultation and execution

  • new development and new ideas for existing and new application

  • build up cooperation bridge with European partners

We support European companies with

  • high-quality products in the Asia Pacific Area

  • technical goods in real cost relation

  • services for maintenances and training on-site

  • sourcing in the Asia-Pacific area.

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